Through the solution offered by our Spanish partner, DialApplet, we are able to offer a complete solution for any Call Center requirement. The solution is based on Asterisk and is available as a module for Elastix users as well.


Solutions offered under this package:

  • Call Center Suite: A complete solution to manage your platform: specialists in managing outgoing,incoming and blending campaigns.
  • Call Center Inbound: Integrate your customer in your business.
  • Contact Mail: Send and receiver module of mails by our scripting (Showflow).
  • Contact SMS: Send and receiver module of SMS by our scripting (Showflow).
  • Contact Chat: By a button of Chat that appears in the pages of your website, the agents of the contact center can attend online the visitors of your site.
  • Androdialer: Powerful dial robot orientated to massive calls without human intervention.
  • AndroC2C: Converter process of traffic in a web to a direct telephone communication . We manage from the moment that customer or prospect click in a form, banner, emailing or search engines until the prospect turns into a client.
  • Webservice: Webservice designed for high performance networking tools CRM, ERP, CATI or collections with the world Asterisk from the premise of a fast implementation time.
  • Adviser: Monitoring Screen Software for Call Center.
  • Service Desk: Designed to give a precise and proactive service processes computer of your company, according to ITIL best practices.


About DialApplet

DialApplet is state of the art call center application developed by Tecsible. The company focuses on the development of products, services and strategies for voice and data convergence, networking, installation, engineering, security systems integrators and service support.


Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd

About Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd

Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd is Electronic and Communication solution provider in Malaysia. The company is being active in the field of VoIP since 2006. The company offers the communication solutions based on Asterisk, Elastix and other open source platforms.


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