Top management and decision makers of the companies require constant update on KPI and statistics of their team performance. There are many ways to deliver those information on time to respective person and thanks to our innovative solution it is possible to display the information right of their desktop phone.

MySign is powerful yet light weight android application which is comes with cloud content management service. MySign allows to publish and push information with verity of standard media formats to a network of players and display on any screen. MySign supports most of standard media formats including image, video, text, HTML, weather forecast, XML data, twitter, date and time.

Contents can be scheduled per individual display or group of displays enabling the precise message delivery at right time and right place. If network down, the content still show up at screen without any error massage.

Fanvil C600 is powerful Desktop phone which powered by Android. It provides strong processing power which allows MySign to run smoothly while the phone features are working as expected. MySign will run while the phone is in idle mode and will stop as soon as active call has been detected.



Using MySign on other displays:

MySign is powerful Digital Signage Platform which is able to power up any display (TV, Videowall and projector) to broadcast your content.

MySign x98Pro: Android Player Hardware

MySign x98Pro is Android player which specially design for Digital Signage Application and provides HDMI output to any existing display.






MySign-1600: Windows Player

MySign-1600 is Windows based player, the advantage of Windows player is that player supports playback of Flash media (SWF), and other features remain same as Android player.


Windows Screen Saver

For companies having Windows computers, MySign Windows Screen Saver is good solution to utilize the computers idle time. MySign software will be triggered if computer not being used (based on Screen Saver Setting) and display the information on screen. Application will exit as soon as the user back to station and starts using the pc.



MySign is multi-platform that can be run on Android and Windows, Client is able to use their own player/computer as far it can meet the minimum requirements.

* Please note although the application is expected to run on any Android platform, but the performance of application is not guaranteed as there too many flavor of Android OS.


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