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The P-Series Hardware Appliance is the newest platform offered by Zycoo. Featuring an Intel Atom CPU and Gigabit network interfaces, the P-Series appliance is the perfect solution for everything from VoIP software such as Elastix to Firewall software such as Untangle and pfSense. By utilizing Zycoo’s custom telephony modules, the P-Series hardware supports up to 8 FXO/FXS, 2 T1/E1, 8 GSM, and 4 BRI (depending on model). Additionally, with the optional hardware echo cancellation module, customers will experience high quality audio transmission.


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http://zycoo.com/img/modules/4fxo.jpg http://zycoo.com/img/modules/4fxs.jpg http://zycoo.com/img/modules/2fxos.jpg

http://zycoo.com/img/modules/2gsm.jpg http://zycoo.com/img/modules/4gsm.jpg http://zycoo.com/img/modules/1pri.jpg

http://zycoo.com/img/modules/4bri.jpg http://zycoo.com/img/modules/umts.jpg http://zycoo.com/images/upload/origin/2014/05/12/1399884979.jpg



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