Base on our deep academic knowledge of electronic, our R&D and design team are ready to provide the solution for ASIC design houses in Asia in the fields of telecommunications, networks, consumer, and industrial electronics.
Our Services:

1- System Design Consulting

* Multimedia
* DTV and HDTV chipset
* Image Processing
* ASIC Prototyping
* PCI, PCI-X, and PCIe Hardware/Software
* Telecom and Datacom
* Large FPGA and high-speed PCB Design

2- Software  Development Embedded systems development based on Hard and Soft RealTime Operating System

* User  Interface
* Hardeware Development

3-System Integration

* Rugged Systems
* Displays

Our Products

Terasic is a leading manufacturer of high-performance hardware and software solutions for the ASIC prototyping, multimedia, and image processing markets. Terasic produces highly optimized FPGA systems that enhance the development of cutting-edge products.

With strong expertise in developing complex FPGA systems for multimedia and image processing applications, Terasic provides fully integrated hardware and software solutions to help customers achieve their aggressive project schedule for time-to-market.

Toshi Automotive Pressure Transducer | BESNIQUE 01289-1000

Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd has successfully developed new products for Automotive industry. The transducer is mainly targeted for heavy vehicles which uses Pneumatic transmission gear.

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