VINVUX is our brand new range of Advance Video Intercoms which are based on SIP protocol. This will further ease the integration of this products to any IP-PBX systems which is based on SIP protocol (like Asterisk, 3CX, ZYCOO, etc.)


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The deployment has been done at new AEON shopping mall, Bukit Mertajam and includes 9 screens. According the AEON expansion program, there would be more new outlets to be opened in 2014 and all the new outlets will be equipped with Navori Digital Signage platform. The project deployed by Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd, Navori authorized reseller in Malaysia and helped AEON to communicate with the customers and members via an eye-catching Digital Signage platform.

How Navori helps AEON

AEON GMS planning team were looking for a new and innovative method to display the information (Business hour, promotions, events, etc.) to the AEON customers and members. The project require a stable and centralized system which enable the team to remotely manage the displayed contents from headquarter while the system require minimum efforts to run and maintain. Based on the requirement, Navori was best fitted solution to provide all required functionalities and peace of mind for the management. Using Navori QL AEON team is able to update the content from any computer and via any web browser connected to Navori QL server.



About AEON

AEON CO. (M) BHD. is a leading retailer in Malaysia with a total revenue of RM3.26 billion for the financial year ended 31 December 2012. The Company was incorporated on 15 September 1984. AEON CO. (M) BHD. (AEON or the Company) was set up in response to the Malaysian Government’s invitation to AEON Japan to help modernise the retailing industries in Malaysia. The ‘AEON’ name today is well established among Malaysians as well as foreigners, especially due to its association with the international AEON Group of Companies. AEON has established itself as a leading chain of General Merchandise Stores (GMS).

About Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd

Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd is a leading IP based solution provider. The company was founded in 2006.  The company has quickly become one of the market leaders in IT managed services. Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd has a dedicated team for digital signage to manage sales, design and integration any project.  The company has a strong technical team with over 10 years experience in the field.

About Navori

NAVORI has been a leading global producer of digital signage solutions for the past 18 years. With achievements in 90 countries, NAVORI products are commonly used in corporate and public installations such as lobbies, information desks, internal communications and events. The Navori QL, latest solution from Navori is among the best solutions available in the market which offers web-based management of Digital Signage platform. Furthermore the NAVORI STiX, an Android hardware and application, is TRUE INNOVATION in Digital Signage industry.

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GUST, the first private university in the State of Kuwait, will convert all of its 110 Class Schedule Display system to MyClass.

GUST network is currently comprised of 110 LCD screens installed in each class and function rooms. The screens will equipped with MyClass players based on Android to display the dynamic information of room activities.

The screen is designed to display the information from database and display passed, current and upcoming events.

About MyClass

MyClass is a Digital Signage solution for Educational Institutes mainly to display news, events, information and multimedia contents on screens. It will visualize the information on screen to grab the attention and better communication.

Features of MyClass


  • Dynamic Database driven info
  • Display passed, current and upcoming events
  • Announce changes to course schedules
  • Broadcast educational program
  • Display news, notification and RSS feeds
  • Centralized management
  • Advance content management
  • Web Based management
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Android

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About Toshi Electric Sdn Bhd

TOSHI is Electronic and Communication solution provider company based in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia and established in 2006. The company offers variety of services such as VoIP and Digital Signage solutions.

About Gulf University for Science & Technology

GUST is the first private university in the State of Kuwait and established in 2002. GUST has continually improved and expanded its educational and organizational capacities while steadily increasing its enrollments.


Call Conference

Need to join a meeting when you are out of office?

Need to hold a meeting for customers who are far away?

Call Conference feature helps to join the meetings using the pre-set Conference Password anytime anywhere.



  1. Organize participants from anywhere whoever has a telephony or Internet network, that is a time-saving and cost-saving solution for business people

  2. Independent operator number, easy to remember and manage

  3. Three conferences can be supported simultaneously, merging internal and external lines



Call Recording


Need to record every/part of incoming/outgoing calls automatically?

Reluctant to pay more to get another call recording equipment?

Call Recording feature helps to set up your own manageable call recording system.



  1. Complete data can be recorded, including voice, callerID, called extension, call time, call duration and so on

  2. Restored securely in built-in storage space, easy to search and download

  3. One-touch Recording can work anytime you want to record a call



Follow Me


Difficult to be reached when carrying several numbers and always travelling?

Can't afford to miss an important call?

Follow Me feature helps to ring up every single number of yours in turn until you are assuredly reached.



  1. Never miss a call

  2. Easy to set up the call route and method



Virtual Fax


Need to use fax but don't have or hate to buy a fax machine?

Need a simple and unified fax system?

Virtual Fax feature helps to build up a great fax system without a legacy fax device.



  1. Every user in the system can easily send/receive fax and manage history files

  2. No maintenance cost on fax machine, saving energy and materials

  3. Time-saving fax procedures





Tired of getting calls from an unwelcome number?

The caller doesn't even have a number?

Blacklist feature helps to block any calls that you don't want to answer.



  1. Easy to check and edit the blacklist

  2. Convenient to add in or remove a number from the list by feature codes



Skype for SIP


Need to make calls all over the world but tired of looking for SIP providers?

Cost is too high to call to some certain countries?

Skype for SIP feature helps to make call to anywhere at common Skype rates.



  1. As long as you have a free Skype Manager Account, you can use Skype to call via IP PBX

  2. Easy to assign and control the cost

  3. Totally same rates as normal Skype accounts





Always travelling and need to contact the office frequently?

Don't want to afford to pay the bill calling back to office?

Callback feature helps to allow the office to call back your phone once you called, that is also a good way to save your customers costs.



  1. Saving travelling costs for calling back to office

  2. Saving costs for your customers when they need after-sale service



Hot Standby


Need the system running all the time?

Hot Standby feature helps to backup the whole system configurations and automatically transfer to the other device, so your system will be always in order.



  1. Regular working can continue when one system crashed

  2. Important data never gets lost



Stunnel OpenVPN


Need secure OpenVPN?
Here is the useful feature for you.



  1. Protecting voice over IP from being hijacked

  2. Assuredly breaking through the block against SIP, RTP or IAX2 from ISP

  3. Protecting the system against hackers

Price: RM1500

Package Content: