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VBeT Headsets

Valuing you BeTter, Call center specialist


Professional communication headset solutions. We are focusing on the concept of “Valuing you Better”, making professional Marketing, Designs, Manufacturing, Servicing of contact center headsets, UC headsets, wireless headsets, headset telephones, amplifier and other acoustic-electronics products.

  • Active Protection™ technology for hearing protection
  • The Ultra Noise canceling microphone filters 90% of background noise
  • 300° rotation of mic boom offers optimal convenience
  • Ultra Flex™ mic wires enable boom rotation for more than 20,000 times

RJ9 Series

VT2000 NC
• Active Protection™ Technology
• Ultra Flex™ MIC Wires
• Quick Link (QL™) Function

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USB Series

• Ultra Noise Cancelling
• Active Protection™ Technology
• Nano Plating Technology
• Auto Mute™ Function

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DECT Series

• Multi-Function Button
• Up To 8 Hours Talk Time
• Noise-Cancelling Microphone
• Safetone™ Hearing Protection

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Bluetooth Series

• Bluetooth V4.0
• Advanced Multipoint
• 500 Hours Standby Time
• Crystal Clear Sound & Voice

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