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Divert office number to Hosted PBX and let all staff use phone system at home
Divert office number to Hosted PBX and let all staff use phone system at home

Business Continuity plan: Phone solution for legacy PABX users

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Phone system is vital part of every business and it is crucial that a business continue serving their customer via phone during lockdown period. This guideline is applicable for businesses who are using conventional PABX which does not support SIP protocol and looking for a solution to serve their clients.


Making calls to your clients

while mobile is handy tools for making call to clients, your business would have better image if you could still use your office number to call them. Here we share a practical solution to achieve this with very small charge and in some cases,  you might even save call charges compared to what you have been using in office.


How it works?

We have few VoIP Service provider partners who can assist businesses with this requirement here is how you can get such services up and running in few hours.

  1. Subscribe to a Hosted PBX service
  2. Divert your office calls to Hosted PBX
  3. Make and receive calls from your office number from any place


Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX phone system is a service provided online via internet. It allows to connect special internet phones (VoIP phones) and make/receive phone calls. Hosted PBX also allows configuration of call-flow features to route calls using predefined rules to the required user/extension.

We have active partners who are providing this service, please contact our team to assist you on this matter.


* VoIP calls usually have flat rate while the PSTN/PRI phone services that offered by most telco are charged based on region and distance, therefore if you have many long distance calls then VoIP service would save on your call charges.


Call divert from telco

Most telecommunication service providers offer call divert as add-on feature and they either can set on behalf of you (after some verification) or they provide you set of code and instruction which you need to follow. Please contact your telco for detailed instruction.

The code usually looks like below while each service provider has its own sets of codes:


Type *21*Telephone number# and press the call key from your office line. Instead of Telephone number, fill in the number to which you want to divert your calls, e.g. *21*0123456789# if you want to divert them to 0123456789.


Type #21# and press the call key.

Once call divert being activated, any call made to your office will be diverted to your defined destination (0123456789 for above example).

* Please bear in mind that the call divert charges from your office number to your destination would be charged to your telco bill.


Make and receive calls from your office number from any place

You can start immediately use new phone system as soon as step 1 & 2 completed.


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