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Powerful interactive based platform aims to simplify and expand the customer experience. Intuitively combine the digital with a physical component into your integration. Increase participation in any marketing promotions, flight statuses, loyalty programs, and social media.



  • Complete control of any property floor plans, rooms, and paths
  • New True 3D wayfinding enhances the user experience with the ultimate visual birds-eye-view wayfinding technology to WOW end-users with next-gen navigation.
  • Allows visitors to switch between perspective and north view, zoom in map for details, tap a location for more information, as well as locate or get directions to thousands of destinations.
  • The intelligent algorithm generates dynamic directions by considering shortest, accessible, time-scheduled, preferred and temporarily disabled paths.


Smart Pathway (Automatic Destination Routing)

Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates direction based on shortest path and ease of accessibility.

Enhanced 3D Map Views

Fly over, stacked skeleton: multi-floor destination, 360-degree direction viewing, eagle view

Dynamic Map Pop Ups

Pop-up descriptions and images, product promotions, spotlight events, and listed information.

Construction Pathway Rerouting

Smart detour scheduling capabilities

3D Animation

It is the art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

Smart Search

Built-in interactive keyboard for easy final destination searching.

Map it Now

Receive instant turn by turn directions through SMS, QR Codes, Emails, and Printing and have the wayfinding on the go.


Augmented Reality is now Reality. AR brings a new human interface to react to imagery in the users environment, especially in an environment the user is not familiar with. It can be difficult for users to locate an object that's not positioned onscreen and a mobile AR app could help users navigate to those objects easier and with a clearer direction to start

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