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High Transparency

Over 60% transparency, good daylighting
and delicate decoration



Building Facade

Without viewing interference from inside, achieves perfect combination of wall and screen with stunning display image and smart interaction.

Commercial events and show cases

Applied to interior commercial events such as retail stores, exhibition halls, airports, high-speed rail way stations and theaters, LED transparent screen creates a comfortable advertising environment to get customer’s attention as much as possible.

Rental Events

Exquisite design with die-casting aluminum, slim, lightweight, easy and quick to assemble and disassemble. Advance video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions.

Abnormal shapes Architectures

Flexible transparent LED video walls can build any curved, circle, round, square, abnormal shapes freely.





Pixel Configuration SMD 2121/1921 SMD 2121/1921
LED Pixel Pitch(mm) 7.81 P8.33mm
Module Resolution(W*H) 64x32 dots / 128x32 dots 12.5x8.333
Module Size(mm) (W*H*D) 500x250x24 mm / 1000x250x24mm 1000×500mm×88mm
Module Weight(Kg) 0.8 kg / 1.6 kg 7.5kg
Transparent 60% 76%
Pixel Density 16,384 (dot/m) 9,600 Pixel/m2
Brightness 800-1000/2000-2800 CD/m2 >6500 nits
Thickness of the screen 27mm TBA
LED perating Hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
IP Rating IP 30 IP55
Refresh Rate 1000 - 1500 Hz <3%
Max Power Consumption(W/) < 900 W/m2 400 W/m2
Average Power Consumption((W/) < 300W/m2 150 W/m2

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